Using your Dental Benefits is Pain Free.




See any dentist. Your Ameritas dental plan allows you and your family members to see any dentist you chose, regardless if they are in- or out-of-network. Family members do not need to see the same dentist.


Save money. Dentists in the Ameritas network have agreed to charge you 25-50% less than their regular rates. Many of them also offer discounted fees on non-covered dental services as allowed by state law.


Avoid paperwork. When visiting our network providers, there are no claim forms to submit. Our providers handle everything. All you need to do is make the appointment and show up.

Exceptional Network. 

The Ameritas Dental Network is one of the five largest in the nation. Plus, now you can visit dental providers in Mexico and still receive coverage. Plan discounted fees and agreements will be honored by AmexUS Mexico providers, and claims will be processed by Ameritas.​

Check if your dentist is in network. Visit, Find a Provider to find a new dentist or see if your current provider is in the Ameritas Dental Network.


Nominate your dentist. If your dentist is not in our network already, it’s easy to let us know. Just go to, nominate a provider and complete the online form.​


Know What's Covered.


It’s good to know what your dental plan covers before taking a seat in the dentist’s chair. If you learn that you need a dental procedure,  you can use our Dental Cost Estimator to get an idea of what an out-of-network general dentist may charge based on ZIP Code and dental procedure. Access it through your secure member account.


You also may ask your dentist’s office to submit a pretreatment estimate so you can see exactly how a proposed service would be processed and avoid any surprises